Serge Alain Fobofou Tanemossu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Serge Alain Fobofou Tanemossu

Serge studied chemistry in Cameroon and Germany. After completing his PhD in chemistry at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) and the Martin-Luther University (MLU) in Halle Saale (Germany) under Prof. L. Wessjohann, he joined the Institute of Pharmacy of MLU in 2017 as scientific coordinator and lecturer in the Tri-sustain project, a consortium (headed by Prof. Peter Imming) between the two German institutions above and three African universities in Botswana, Ethiopia and Tanzania working on bioactive natural products from medicinal plants. He is a fellow of the AvH Foundation at HMS, where his current research interests include bioactive compounds from bacterial symbionts. 

Last Name
Fobofou Tanemossu